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Searching for the best practice of adaptation to climate change

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The Adapterra Awards are looking for functioning adaptation measures that help our country adapt to climate change. The best practice examples get into the Adapterra database, which will inspire experts and the general public.

days to clean graywater in a constructed wetland

ha of wetlands have disappeared in CZ since 1950

litres of water a day are evaporated by a tree

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We have extended our database

A total of  30 new climate change adaptation measures from Europe have become a part of our inspirational database. In total it contains almost 50 smartly crafted projects. Thank them all for their adaptation ideas.

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Stay tuned! We are already preparing the third edition of the contest.


June - September
Registration of projects to the competition
Evaluation of projects
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We have something to build on

Adapterra Awards builds on the Adapting Measures of the Year competition organized by Integra Consulting s.r.o. in 2015. The jury selected four winners out of 29 submitted projects. The winners were announced on 17th March 2016 at the Adaptation to Climate Change in Regions Conference organized at Masaryk University in Brno where the Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic Mr Brabec participated. More information about the projects can be found here.

In 2019, we organized the first year of the Adapterra Awards contest in the form we know now. A total of 32 projects participated - 24 from the Czech Republic, six from Poland, one from Hungary, and one from Slovakia. In 2020, 78 projects from the Czech Republic participated and 8 more from Poland and Slovakia. Look at the best of them in the inspiring database.



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