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Long-term droughts were replaced by torrential rains and floods. The autumn bare agricultural fields on the outskirts of the cities do not attract both animals and people. Moreover, it supports the warming of the city.
We know how to make our cities and landscapes resistant to extreme weather. We talked about it with experts at the Healthy and resilient suburban landscape conference. We are preparing a record with English subtitles.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 13-17:15 pm

Healthy and resilient suburban landscape

The national conference and the announcement of the Adapterra Awards 2020 best projects presented smartly crafted projects that help our cities to cool down and retain water in the open countryside. This year we focused on agricultural and suburban landscapes.

We are pleased that so many of you attended. Over 400 people watched the conference live!


Thank you to everyone who participated.

Download the programme 2020

Record of the conference

The conference was held in the Czech. However, we are preparing the record with English subtitles.

Meanwhile, you can watch the opening speech of Blaž Kurnik, Head of the Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability, and Adaptation in the European Environment Agency (EEA) that talked in English about the consequences of climate change and why we need to adapt.


Coming Soon


The third edition 2021

Did you like the conference 2020?

We are already preparing the third edition for you. On November 4, 2021 – on the day the Paris Agreement entered into force.



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