Long-term drought is replaced by torrential rains, floods and strong winds. The impact is on property and lives. Yet we can support our towns and countryside to be more resilient to such weather extremes.
In November, we are preparing a conference for you on adaptation measures to climate change in cities.

About the conference



On November 4, 2021, 13-19pm – on the day the Paris Agreement entered into force.


HubHub – Palác ARA, Perlová 5, 110 00 Praha 1

Resilient and comfortable cities

This summer has been marked by stormy weather - heat, thunderstorms, tornadoes, torrential rains and floods. These phenomena are and, according to scientists, will become more frequent and intense. That is why this year's national expert conference will focus mainly on urban adaptation to these weather extremes, which have much to do with climate change.

The national conference and the announcement of the Adapterra Awards 2021 best projects will present smartly crafted projects that help our cities to cool down and retain water in the open countryside.


Among the guests of this year's conference will be Magdalena Maceková, consultant for municipal adaptation to climate change at the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, Peter Bednár, architect and urban planner at Jakub Cigler Architects, Martina Sýkorová, urban planner at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Sonja Hackl, manager at the Austrian company Energiebezirk Freistadt, and more.

There will be examples of good practice and a panel debate on how to motivate good rainwater management.


Your attendance at the conference is for free.

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Join the people who know how to fight climate change.
Subsribe to news on how to prepare our homes, cities, and landscapes for climate change impacts.

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