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Living Production Hall LIKO-Vo

Green roof and walls covered with plants are the symbol of a modern building prepared for the future. You can find all of this in the new production hall LIKO-Vo in Slavkov u Brna. The plants cool down the temperature and look pretty. They are watered with purified waste water directly from the production hall. In addition, the site offers space for much more greenery than before the construction.

Benefits of adaptation measures

What the measure addresses
The built-up areas overheat. Outdoor areas are hot and the air temperature inside buildings without air conditioning climbs to unpleasant numbers. LIKO-S has not forgotten the unpleasant effects of the climate change during the building of the new LIKO-Vo production hall. The green industrial hall, unlike the conventional ones, does not contribute to the warming of the surroundings and helps to get the town out of the rain shadow. Green facades prevent the interior from overheating, retain water and create a pleasant working environment for employees. The production hall is intended to show how to approach the construction industry today.
How it works
The new LIKO-S hall demonstrates how current production needs and responses to climate change meet. LIKO-Vo production hall is covered with green façades and a green roof. The building covers an area of 1200 square meters. However, it has a positive effect on the area of up to half a hectare. Long periods of drought are solved by treating the wastewater in roof and façade reed bed wastewater treatment plants. The purified water is then used to water the green walls of the hall. The gray water does not go into the sewerage system, but is used directly on the site. Thanks to the evaporation of water by the plants, the surroundings as well as the interior of the building are cooled. During the summer months, the indoor temperature is up to 10 °C lower than in ordinary halls.
Original state
Before construction, there were undeveloped meadows on the site.
Green façades require constant maintenance. Mowing the façades usually takes place three times a year. LIKO-S then uses the biomass to produce compost. The plants are watered with purified waste water from the hall, therefore the cost of water consumption does not increase.
The biggest challenges and obstacles
The construction was preceded by a very long preparation phase and LIKO-S developed a detailed project. As a result, the implementation went quite smoothly.
How much it cost
Total costs reached 50 million CZK (almost 2 million EUR). The hall was fully financed by LIKO-S. The company expects the return on investment in 2035. The expected lifetime of the investment is 50 years.

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Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic
Libor Musil, Zdeněk Fránek
LIKO-S a.s.
Libor Musil
Rostislav Dvořák
“"Green" hall represents a unique technology and is a model construction of buildings adapted to drought and heat waves.”
Mgr. Zuzana Rajchlová
The expert jury member
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