Do you remember the unbearable heat and dreary drought of this summer? We know how to moderate weather extremes.
We talked about it with experts at the inspirational conference on adaptation measures to climate change.
We will publish the record soon.

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November 4, 2019

How to deal with the drought and heat - in the city and in the countryside

Get inspired by successful projects.

The national conference and announcement of the Adapterra Awards winners presented smartly crafted projects that help our cities to cool down and retain water in the open countryside.

We will publish the record soon. You will learn more about the latest adaptation trends directly from the community of experts and specialists.

Touch the Adaptations

Does the word adaptation sound unfamiliar to you? Do you have no idea about what adaptation measures are? Where to start?

Then the record of the workshop is the right thing for you - you can learn about specific solutions and technologies.


What can you expect?

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The second edition 2020

Did you like the conference 2019? Or did you miss it?

Don't worry! We are already preparing the second edition for you.

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