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Landscape Park V Ladech

Straightened Svépravický stream with a deep riverbed and two ponds full of sediments. The area between the D8 motorway and Horní Počernice in Prague was until recently inhospitable and difficult to access. But then the decision was made to revitalize and clean both ponds, return the stream to its original meandering form and create a landscape park V Ladech. In addition, sediments taken out of the revitalized ponds were used to build a noise barrier along the D8 motorway. After three and a half years of modifications, a landscape park of almost 13 hectares was created around the stream and both ponds, which helps to better retain water in the landscape. Work is still going on here, in the autumn there is a plan to reforest the rampart.

The Adaptation Journey

The positive impact
The aim of the measure was to return to the land the ability to retain water and better cool the area.

Historical meanders have been returned to the formerly upright Svépravický stream, now its flow is a quarter longer than before. The stream floodplain with ponds was also restored; the area of the newly created ponds is more than 700 square meters.

More than 17,000 cubic meters of sediments were exported from both ponds. Mud removal from ponds has increased their capacity and they can hold more water. Thanks to the reconstruction of all objects and dams, ponds are safer in terms of floods. Replacing the fields with green areas also led to a better cooling of the area.
How does it work?
The Landscape Park V Ladech was established in the area between the Biologický Pond, Xaverovský Pond and the D8 motorway in Horní Počernice. During 3.5 years, both ponds and the Svépravický stream were revitalized there, restoring the meanders made the stream a quarter longer than before. The Forests of the Capital City of Prague created a new dam and a promenade around which meadow flowers were sown. They also placed benches along the paths and planted oak trees. From the disposed sediment, they built a noise barrier, which separates the park from the highway. Visitors thus feel that they have literally found themselves in the wild. The Biologický pond was designated to be a fishing ground.
Original state
Last time the Biologický a Xaverovský pond and Svépravice stream close to Horní Počernice were modified was in 1960’s. The stream was then straightened, deepened and fortified with semi-vegetated blocks to drain water from the landscape as quickly as possible. The ponds gradually clogged with sediments, more than 17,000 cubic meters of sediments were exported during the current revitalization. Originally a floodplain meadow was overgrown with reeds and the area between the ponds and the highway was used as a field. The whole site was inaccessible and overgrown with trees.
Operation and maintenance
The estimated cost for the maintenance of the area is around 300 thousand crowns a year. It is necessary to mow the grass, care for the woods and the planted trees, collect litter, clean the ponds and replant greenery.
Why was the measure chosen?
No other options were considered.
Obstacles and challenges
At the beginning of the project, the Xaverov pond was privately owned which made it complicated for the municipality to invest in its renovation. However, later it was possible to buy the pond. The height of the noise barrier was also a topic discussed with the community.
Operation and maintenance
The project is constantly being improved, so full operation is not yet underway. So far, the need for benches with backrests arose.
How much did it cost?
The total cost reached 12.2 million crowns and was covered by the budget of the city of Prague. Returns of the investment and savings are not quantified, they are not relevant for this kind of a project. With regular maintenance, the expected lifespan of the project is unlimited.

Revitalization of water elements Agriculture landscape Urban greenery Flood control measures Heat waves and thermal island Floods and torrential rainfall Lack of water and drought 

Praha-Horní Počernice, Czech Republic
2017 – 2020
Envicons s.r.o.
Forests of the capital city of Prague
The city of Prague
Ing. Jiří Karnecki
“The revitalization of the Svépravický stream supported water retention in the landscape and increased the air-cooling of the area; similar benefits can be expected after the involvement of the newly established forest park as well. This is a successful project, which has succeeded in restoring a coherent and functionally interconnected piece of nature with ecological, recreational and landscape-creating functions. ”
RNDr. Jakub Horecký, Ph.D.
The expert jury member
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