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Eco-friendly Eurocentrum Office Complex Foto: PRC Architekci

Eco-friendly Eurocentrum Office Complex

Jury Award in the Adapterra Awards 2019

It is nice to see a company which cares for their employees and natural environment altogether. One particular office complex aimed at both goals, with modern application of as many eco friendly and energy saving solutions as possible, gaining the highest level of LEED certification for office building design along the way.

The Adaptation Journey

The positive impact
The aim of this project was to create a modern office building with the application of as many eco-friendly solutions as possible through increasing in energy efficiency, promotion of alternative means of transport like bicycles or carpooling, using rainwater and water saving bathroom fittings and instalment of urban apiary. This helps to reduce water consumption and electricity costs and promotes natural greenery inside and outside the building.
How does it work?
100 percentage of rain water is used for flushing the toilets and irrigating the greenery inside. The building has been insulated and high percentage of glazing helps to further decrease electricity demand. More people uses bicycles thanks to over 200 parking spaces, self-service repair stations and changing rooms with showers. There are also electric car charging units.

Inside the building, a green room creates natural microclimate with air exchange system.
Original state
Not applicable. The project was deployed during the implementation of the investment.
Operation and maintenance
Relatively low in regard to the market. The average cost of service charge in Eurocentrum is 17.20 PLN per square metre per month. Other office buildings in Warsaw have the average price of lease amounting to 20.45 per square metre per month.

Low service charge in Eurocentrum are mainly due to the savings in the use of water and electricity.

We do not incur any additional operating costs.

Rainwater tanks could be bigger. The greenery designed inside needs artificial light to flourish.
Why was the measure chosen?
Other options for the design were considered, but it was important to use a structure that already existed. After analysing the costs, technological solutions and materials, it was concluded that there are better, more effective and more environmentally friendly solutions on the market. As a result, the foundations of the underground garage were not demolish, and 85 percentage of the original construction was used.
Obstacles and challenges
The eco-friendly solutions applied were well designed and we did not encounter unexpected difficulties.
How much did it cost?
Thanks to water and electricity solutions there are 59 percentage savings in water and 25 percentage savings in electricity consumption. More than 30 percentage of materials were reused.

The costs of environmental solutions have not been specified.

Public buildings Urban greenery Water purification and recycling Use of rainwater Heating Green energy Energy savings 

Warsaw, Poland
2012 – 2016
PRC Architekci
Grupa Capital Park
Monika Chojnacka
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